Ever wonder what to do with that eyesore of a tree stump in the yard? Or if you have a tree that needs to come down and want to replace it with something beautiful? Zoli’s Woodcarving can come on location and carve a beautiful masterpiece for you.

If you don’t have a stump, you can tell Zoli what you want and he will carve it for you. He also has a fine selection of carvings available at his shop. Each piece is unique, and he has over 100 carvings to choose from.

Zoli does a number of shows, demonstrations at fairs, city day exhibits, and open houses. He can even be an attraction at a grand opening to help your day be a memorable one.

Keep an eye on this page for future events that Zoli will be at during Summer 2017!

Zoli is back working full throttle, never too early to be thinking about Father’s Day presents, birthday presents and the perfect Christmas gift!